Friday, July 30, 2004


In A Triple with Three Men On, Eric Alterman states, regarding Kerry's DNC speech:
This was, I swear I’m not exaggerating, the most important speech any American politician has given in perhaps half a century.
Not exaggerating? Okay, how about overstatement?, embellishment?, or laying it on so thick that it covers even Michael Moore? Check these comments from Powerline?
9:31 -- Kerry's stuff about when he'll send troops may sound good to the inattentive, but (as Rocket Man says) it's baffling if you try to follow it. As near as I can tell, we'll fight only if we have no other choice (this would have ruled out every military action since World War II) and only if our allies are on board, but our allies won't have a veto. 9:35 -- Kerry has tried to thread the needle. He's signaled to his base that he rejects the notion of hitting the enemy before it hits us, but he's tried to sound at least as tough as President Bush. He's the fighting pacifist, or something. Even if this works tonight, it's not likely to work for long. When voters learn about all the weapons systems Kerry's opposed and how he's been unable to take a steady position on Iraq, those who remember this speech will feel they were deceived. The acceptance speech is billed as the candidate's opportunity to introduce himself to the country. People expect the introduction to be honest. If you don't believe me, ask Michael Dukakis. 9:51 -- Kerry says that he welcomes people of faith. What an extraordinary thing to have to say.

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