Tuesday, June 08, 2004

A Picture is worth...

In Baby imaging centers under attack, over at World Magazine's blog, we read about the popularity of Imaging Centers that can give future parents vivid photos and DVDs of their unborn child. Evidently these imaging centers are under some heat from the FDA due to the fact that these "medical procedures" are being performed by people who are not doctors. At least that's their cover story. Why the fuss? Why the sudden concern over what the woman wants to do with her body? Could it have something to do with the effect of an image? A picture is worth a thousand words. The cliche slips off our tongues so easily that we sometimes forget how powerful it truly is. A notion, a false notion like that espoused by the so-called pro-choice movement, takes hold only after many years and many words of argument. Although such baseless ideas can be successfully debunked with logical pro-life arguments, the power of common-sense and raw emotion can never be ignored. The achilles heel of the pro-abortion movement has always been the humanity of the unborn child. Yet the scientific technology that has given them easy access to so-called safe abortions is asking for further payment. They didn't read the fine print in their contract with technology. God, the Author of the universe, will not be mocked. I believe it was Gloria Steinem who once said,
If men got pregnant, they'd make abortion a sacrament.
Yet the pro-life response, regarding the unborn, has been,
If his mother’s womb had a window, you could watch your spiritually adopted baby squint, swallow, and move his tongue.
I don't know what the current status is regarding the scientific possibility of men getting pregnant. But as for a window on the womb...

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