Thursday, June 10, 2004

Liberals, take note...

A former president, out of office for over 15 years and out of the public's eye for 10 years, draws over 200,000 to pass by his coffin. The public outpouring of emotion and support has surprised many, including the Reagan family. Why should it? This was a president who held on strongly to a set of core beliefs that formed the foundation of leadership. This was a president that was married for over 50 years to the same woman who, by the way, has stood by her man through both the good times and the bad. Critics have complained that he was simplistic, naive, and inept, but the Cold War was won through his vision. Did he usher in an era of world peace? No, that's left for divine intervention. Despite his failings, despite the fact that he couldn't fix everything, and despite the power he wielded, he always managed to display the most important quality - his humanity. A strong leader will know the importance of connecting with the people, while making difficult, and sometimes unpopular, decisions. A strong leader will get the job done, knowing that the people understand the concept of progress. Consider Hugh Hewitt's analysis,
Reagan, like Bush, used the term evil during his presidency. Bush, like Reagan, was hammered by the sophisticates for doing so. Both were mocked for their lack of subtlety, for their hopeless naivete. Except that the American people like victory. The knew that the Soviet Union was indeed an "evil empire," and that Saddam's Iraq, Iran and North Korea were an "axis of evil." They wanted the wall torn down, and they want a new Iraq to be a genuine democracy, not a strongman who tilts the U.S. way. They want a president who believes that the country he leads is uniquely good and great. That's why the memorials to Reagan will have an impact far deeper than Democratic spinners are admitting. In the midst of difficult times, the legacy of Ronald Reagan reminds America that America can and has won difficult battles in the past against powerful adversaries, but only when its leadership was committed to winning.
Indeed. Liberals, take note, what do the people want to see?

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