Thursday, June 03, 2004

Back in Iraq...

A friend of mine stopped by the office yesterday to say goodbye as he prepares to head off for Iraq next week. He was a colleague at work and was also a Marine Reservist. In early 2002 he was called up to active duty and in 2003 he was sent to Iraq. His unit was the only reserve unit that took part in front line combat in the liberation of Baghdad. He returned visibly shaken by the realities of combat, but with complete assurance in the fact that he was keeping the war on foreign soil. As with many combat veterans, he has stories to tell that contradict the slant one finds on mainline news outlets. In February of this year he was called, again, to active duty and will leave early next week for Iraq. Although he leaves two small sons behind he understands the seriousness of the situation our country is in. He warned me, several months ago, that coordinated efforts will begin to try and undermine the new Iraqi government and the elections in the U.S. This should be obvious to even the casual observer, but it seems that the general feeling amongst civilians is that we're losing control of the situation in Iraq. After talking with my buddy I can only say this - As for the Marines, they're getting ready for action. Remember my friend Lt. Col. Clark in your prayers.

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