Thursday, February 05, 2004

South Dakota Proposing a Ban on Abortion...

Joe @ Evangelical Outpost has a few posts on a proposal that the legislature of South Dakota has to ban abortion. It's House Bill 1191 and here is an excerpt:
Section 1. The Legislature finds that the State of South Dakota has a compelling and paramount interest in the preservation and protection of all human life within and subject to its jurisdiction and that the preservation and protection of human life applies to all human life, born or unborn. Section 2. The Legislature finds that since neither constitutional law nor Supreme Court decision has resolved the question of the beginning of life, it is within the proper sphere of state legislative enactment to determine the question in light of the best scientific and medical evidence. The Legislature therefore finds that unborn human life begins when the ovum is fertilized by male sperm.
Here in America we seem to have forgotten that we have three branches of the federal government. Too often we acquiese to the rulings of the Supreme Court as if they have the final say. It ain't so. The framers of our country structured it in such a way so as to prevent that unless, of course, we don't care.

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