Friday, February 27, 2004

On Tattoos and Earrings...

The book that inspired this website is In, But Not Of, by Hugh Hewitt. In an interview with Greg Koukl at Stand to Reason, Hugh mentioned that the most controversial chapter in the book was Chapter 9 - Tattoos: Don't. It's also, I believe, the shortest chapter in the book being about 2/3 of a page long with only 5 paragraphs. Here's an excerpt:
Fads fade; tattoos don't. These permanent displays of youthful exuberance trigger at best mild amusement, but in some a serious concern about your maturity. Whether or not you believe that concern to be fair, it is real... This rule of tattoos is easily applied to many other areas of your style of living. Do you do anything to call attention to yourself or to make a statement? If so, is the attention worth it?... Serious people do not seek attention except for serious purposes.
I've got some questions for you: In criticizing those with say, tattoos, at what point are we being judgemental? At what point are we simply reflecting an older generation's cultural norms? Does it really matter if those in church leadership roles, whether they be pastors, board members, or deacons, have attention getting displays such as tattoos or, in the case of men, earrings on their person? I would argue that it does and precisely for the reasons outlined by Hugh Hewitt.

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