Friday, February 20, 2004

Examples of earliest Human Art?...

Update / Clarification:
This post is in response to a debate I had with Ed the Evolutionist from Dispatches from the Culture Wars. During that debate I argued that modern humans have been on earth no more than 40,000 - 50,000 years and that art expression testifies to that. Ed responded that human art goes back to at least 200,000 years ago and possibly further. He included a link in his post that I recently had the chance to reference. My immediate take on the evidence of human art from +200,000 years ago is that we're looking at nothing more than a bunch of rocks (see pics below).
I still haven't concluded research on the Golan Venus, but here are some additional examples of so-called Human Art that supposedly date back beyond 50,000 years ago. A beardless human head The description on this one was given as Human head bearded, frontal view side B and on the back on the left share of the head beardless side A Two-faced anthropomorphic lithic sculpture found by LICIA FILINGERI in the 2002. It represents two human heads joined by the nape with look in opposite direction. In the current typology, it is classified like human head without the neck, in frontal version with opened wide mouth. Okay. Just for the sake of argument let's say that some creatures, not modern humans mind you, but that some primates made the examples above. But what happens when they are compared with the example below (from 30,000 years ago)? What we see is that a virtual explosion of artistic creativity appears suddenly, with no predecessors.

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