Tuesday, October 21, 2003

The Elegant Universe, continued...

Once again, on Tue, Oct. 28, and Nov. 4, NOVA will broadcast a special on Brian Green's book, The Elegant Universe. All Christian apologists should watch this program. Now, the theory of General Relativity is the most exhaustively tested theory in physics. And the spacetime theorems derived from GR give us the concept of the Big Bang. But what does that have to do with Christianity? Namely, this - the three common features of any Big Bang model are: 1) the universe had a singular beginning, 2) the universe is expanding, and 3) the universe is cooling down. These three features are found in the Bible. (quick references Genesis 1:1; Isaiah 40:22; Romans 8) Yet, since the advent of quantum physics it has been painfully clear that GR doesn't apply at the quantum level and quantum physics doesn't apply at the GR level. Yet both must be true! Enter String Theory. This theory posits, among other things, that quantum particles are actually made up of vibrating strings; also, it posits that our current four spacetime dimensions (length + height + width + time) are actually short by about 6 space dimensions. In other words, by using a universe with 11 dimensions the apparent problem between GR and quantum mechanics is resolved. Now for the link to Christian apologetics... Check out J.P. Moreland's Scaling the Secular City and his use of the Kalam Cosmological Argument. In a nutshell, what we're saying here is that if the Big Bang is true then there must have been a "Big Banger" (to steal a quote from Greg Koukl). The Kalam argument points to a MIND or person that must be responsible for the creation. The Big Banger must exist outside the realm of what is created (check Ron Nash' Faith & Reason). String Theory posits at least 11 dimensions... THEREFORE, the MIND that created the universe, who also exists outside its realms, must exist in at least 12 spacetime dimensions! Multiple spacetime dimensions for a Creator opens up potential answers to some tough questions that have perplexed mankind for many, many years. For instance, a being that exists in even one additional space dimension can appear to us as multiple yet claim to be one (i.e., the Trinity). For more on those aspects, read Hugh Ross' Beyond the Cosmos. Bottom line - watch the NOVA special and then read Isaiah 40.

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