Friday, October 17, 2003

CBS' Negative Bias on Homeschooling

CBS News aired a blatantly biased report against homeschooling this past week. In A Dark Side to Homeschooling, we hear of how a homeschooled teenager shot and killed his two siblings and then turned the gun on himself. Highlighted are the futile attempts of social workers to control the situation. The teaser for part two of the series went like this, "Home Schooling Nightmares: In Part 2 of Vince Gonzales' report, how children nationwide have been put in danger, even killed, while home schooling." One has to wonder just what the rationale is at CBS to report a story like this. Are their liberal mindsets so much in line with Hillary that they feel that only the government can raise a child? Are they not aware of how well homeschoolers have done on national spelling bees and geography competitions? I'd love to see a follow-up report titled something like this, "Lethal Public Schools: In Part 1 of an ongoing series, we report on how children are being gunned down in public schools across America, all while their parents work in clean, safe, office environments." Thanks to the networking of many homeschool web boards, CBS has found out just what homeschoolers across America think of their biased reporting and their implication that only the government can properly teach our children. The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has formally responded to CBS. For those interested in contacting CBS or Viacom: Viacom (parent company of CBS) P - 212-258-6000 CBS Evening News Comment Lines: P - (212) 975-3247 P - (212) 975 7825 CBS Evening News with Dan Rather 524 West 57th St. New York, NY 10019 Email: Let your voice be heard.

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