Thursday, August 19, 2004

Let's just throw in the towel...

Clicking over to The Sub Standard, via recommendation of the Big Ka-Hugh-na, you'll find a post which begins with:
The Bush twins may be attending a gay wedding. I've long suspected that opposing gay marriage is a losing fight. Forget the rights or wrongs of it--the train is moving down the track and it's not clear to me that there's any way of stopping it.
The author, Jonathan Last, thinks that the arguments against same-sex marriage are weak (presumably because, as he thinks, they're religiously based) and that the emerging Gen-Y populace just don't see things the way we old folk do. He states:
If I were a conservative committed to defending traditional marriage, I wouldn't be caught up in the fight against gay marriage--I'd be quitely setting up a defensive perimeter so that down the line religious groups won't be compelled to buy into gay marraige by a broader secular society which will almost certainly see it as the norm.
I fail to see why, if the fight against gay marriage is hopeless, we should bother attempting to set up any perimeter whatsoever. Shucks. Why bother? If we genuflect to Pragmatism then what's the point of opposing same-sex marriage at all. For that matter, what possible reason could we have for opposing, say, the killing of thousands of unborn children every day? I know! Let's set up a defensive perimeter so that in the future specific families won't be compelled to have abortions - yeah - that's the ticket. Whew. I feel better already. P.S. please check Same-Sex Marriage: Challenges and Responses (PDF) by Greg Koukl, Stand to Reason.

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