Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Frank words - on Kerry / Edwards misleading us...

Check Frank Beckwith's post, If Bush Misled Us, Then So Did Edwards (and Kerry, By Implication) - The Argument, at Moteworthy.com. Frank comments on how Kerry has not claimed that Bush has lied but, rather, that he has misled the American public. Yet, given that Edwards is on the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Kerry / Edwards camp has access to all the information available prior to the invasion of Iraq.
This is why Edwards (and Kerry) supported our going to war in Iraq. But if Bush misled us, then so did Edwards... The only way one can get out of this conundrum is if Bush withheld information, but neither Kerry nor Edwards is claiming that. If, of course, Kerry's running mate does have this information, then Kerry (or Edwards) had a perfect chance to inflict a fatal blow to Bush and provide that information at the Democratic National Convention before the biggest television audience either had ever had in this campaign. But they gave us nothing. So, unless they can provide this information, Kerry has no advantage over Bush on this issue, for Kerry picked as his running mate a Senator who apparently knew just as much as the President and still supported the war.
On a related note: check the Moorelies link, as well as this MSNBC article.

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