Saturday, October 29, 2005

On what is evil...

Three 16 year-old Christian schoolgirls were attacked and beheaded (per FoxNews) in Indonesia on Saturday. There was not a mention of the viscious incident anywhere to be found on CNN's front page. Ditto for MSNBC. The Los Angeles Times' website did not have a link to the story on its home page. The bomb blasts in New Dehli, a caped killer in California, or the fact that Bush is suffering from the Plame affair all seem to be more newsworthy stories. The same can be said for a good chunk of the blogosphere. Michelle Malkin carried the story here. But are there any other heavy-hitting bloggers carrying this story? I haven't found any. For the most part we just continue to see commentary after boring commentary on:
  • Harriet Miers (and the effects her resignation will have on the future of the Republican party, much less the world as we now know it), or
  • the earth-shattering Plame affair (and how Libby was involved with Cheney who interfaced with Rove while under the direction of Bush blah blah blah blah), or
  • just what 2,000 U.S. dead in Iraq means, or
  • how we should react to a gay Sulu.
Life, for some, goes on.


Glenn said...

Preparing for tomorrow's (now this morning's) lesson, I come across this quote from Paul:

"We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God." He makes this statement to believers that he is encouraging, after he has already faced persecution and even stoning for his proclamation of the Gospel.

My point? I dunno... perhaps that the news media is not focused on the things we ought to be... The ever-expanding kingdom of Christ, the continual struggle between good and evil, the conflict of the gospel with much else in the world.

The media live and die by earthly affairs, so what's a few more dead christians in a land far from here? It's not like they had anything to do with Rove or Scooter or Iraq or Miers or (insert irrelevant subject being needlessly fixated upon here.)

Sayf said...

Peace...that's all what we want no ?
Salam from a french muslim...

Paul said...

Strange that I knew about this case, despite not watching the right wing media such as Fox. I was impressed that my local news put on a story about how cocktails can be quite fattening last night before it moved on to trivia such as the effects of Hurricane Beta. Just when you think news coverage couldn't get any worse.

I'm surprised that you find coverage of the Plame affair boring - I would have thought a moralist such as yourself would have been distressed by treason.