Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Liberals and the art of politicizing disaster...

Check the timeline, with regards to how governments (yes, plural, as in local, state, and federal), responded to the threat, and impact of, Hurricane Katrina. Then read what Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D), from California had to say,
"The people of the Gulf region were struck by two disasters. First was the hurricane and then the failure of the federal government in time of great need," she said. "The buck stops at the president's desk. The president said he's going to lead the investigation into what went wrong. He needs to look only in the mirror." (emphasis added)
Pelosi's attempt to score political points, at the expense of hurricane ravaged Americans, is yet another fine example of liberal crassness. She's a moron. UPDATE: Check Hugh Hewitt's post on Pelosi. A choice excerpt,
Not only have Senator Reid and Congresswoman Pelosi apparently not caught up with the growing recognition that Governor Blanco's ineptitude is the ground zero for the chaos in New Orleans, they haven't even figured out that if you want to control committees, you have to win elections. ...Now they want to blame Bush for Blanco, fire Brown instead of demanding answers from Nagin, and generally want to try and politicize a disaster that most Americans just want addressed as speedily and humanely as possible. You have to hand it to the Dems, they are nothing if not consistent -- consistently hysterical, and consistently wrong.
Maybe moron wasn't the right word... how about buffoon? UPDATE 2: Also check Instapundit's posts, here and here. Or listen to Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D), from Georgia, speaking in the House,
As the mostly black people were herded into what looked like concentration camps , Barbara Bush suggested that they were really better off now than they were before. Well, maybe she has got something there, because it took losing an entire city for the "compassionate conservatives'' in Washington, D.C., to finally get some compassion in the laws they pass, in the policies they enact, in what they do around here. (emphasis added)
Update 3: For those who think this post is an attempt to gloss over the mismanaged response to Hurricane Katrina please re-read it (and the Katrina Scenario was known post immediately preceding it). You can also go read how Instapundit and others are pointing out that Bush appointed FEMA managers lack, in a now blatantly obvious way, pertinent experience. But as for this post, the title should give you a clue as to its point - Liberals and the art of politicizing disaster.


Anonymous said...

How is her point-scoring being done at the expense of American citizens? Are you saying that she is preventing the various levels of government from doing what they should be at this time?

Paul said...

Didn't mean to be anonymous, btw, I made the last comment!

Paul said...

Bush declared this a federal disaster on the Saturday before the storm hit. Whatever gross incompetence the local authorities showed, and they surely did, the buck stops with the federal government, the former commissioner of the International Arabian Horse Association, and the man who thought that this was adequate preparation to run what is, after 9/11, one of the most important government agencies in existence.

You know, I've listened to the the excuses and shifts of responsibility from many Bush apologists. And then I think about what may be thousands of people dying after the hurricane. And I can only come to one conclusion.

Not good enough.

Not Good Enough


bgamall said...

I would agree with Paul. This was a major failure on the part of the fed. The head of the fed is Bush, who picked incompetants to run homeland security and FEMA. The buck stops with Bush.

Paul said...

You still haven't given an instance of the Dems, or anyone else, politicizing the disaster. Instead you've highlighted instances of them pointing out that four years after 9/11, under the careful stewardship of the President, we couldn't cope with a natural disaster that we knew with absolute certainty was going to happen. That's not politicizing anything, that's stating facts.