Saturday, April 16, 2005

It irks me when...

LaShawn Barber has a post titled, Blogging Pet Peeves, in which she gives us a rundown of things she doesn't like about blogs and blogging. Now, my pet peeve is that bloggers feel the need to post on their pet peeves. ;^)


ilona said...

:) that's right- what we want is full-out rants, none of this pet peeve stuff LOL!

Actually, sometimes I don't get why something is considered important... or don't fully get the system ( like trackbacks).

So, our pet peeves humanize us? Or is that a mixed metophor-like question?

This is what is really wrong with blogging, people who leave meaningless comments like these just to say "I was here, enjoy your blog" :)

386sx said...

Oh I'm just here checking up on that marriage amendment thingy. Just wondering how it was going along. Cheers!