Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Photo-blogging at Christmas...

A few shots from our recent trip to northern New Mexico... "A dusting of snow" "Early morning contrast" "Snow detail" "Fence glow" "Aspen glow" "Sunrise, Boxing Day" "Sunrise detail, Boxing Day" "Tritone contrast" - all ©2004 R.L.


Bonnie said...

hey, some familiar-looking scenery! Or ground cover, at least. LOL Tell me you weren't wearing a T-shirt when you took those pictures.

Glad you were able to have a "white Christmas" :-)

nice pics, BTW

Rusty said...


No T-shirt for any of those pics. Temps ranged from 0 to 40 while we were there.

However, in between storms back here in southern Cal., I trimmed a bunch of Mexican Bush Sage and pulled some more weeds... albeit with a long sleeved shirt on.

I shot some pics of California Golden Poppies and Felicia Daisies that I'll post in a few days.

Paul said...

I'm a sucker for black and white, so you won't be surprised that the first one is my favorite!