Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Do you live near San Antonio, Texas?...

Per Frank Beckwith at Moteworthy.com, Parkhills Baptist Church is hosting an apologetics conference this weekend, Nov. 18 - 20, titled "To Everyone an Answer." The speaker lineup includes, but is not limited to: Frank Beckwith Greg Koukl Craig Hazen William Lane Craig J. P. Moreland Lee Strobel Doug Geivett Jay Richards Ben Witherington Gary Habermas Norm Geisler The icing on the cake is that the conference registration is only $45!


Anonymous said...

I found my old URL on your blogroll. I moved from http//dawn_treader.blogspot.com to www.mrdawntreader.com. The conference line up looks great.

The Dawn Treader

beck said...

What a great line up of speakers! I've been blessed by many of them at Biola University, where I attended the Defending the Faith lecture series. Excellent stuff!